Blue-Winged Farm

Mini-Nubian Goats

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A little about us:

Welcome to Blue-Winged Farm. We raise milk-producing Mini-Nubians that have good breed characteristics and are friendly and healthy. We have had goats for the past 6 years, starting with Nigerian Dwarfs. We wanted more milk than the Nigerian Dwarfs could provide, but we loved the delicious, creamy milk of the Nigerian Dwarfs and so we decided to raise Mini-Nubians. We are members of the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and all of our goats are registered with the MDGA. We raise 5th, 6th and 7th generation Mini-Nubians.

If you are not familiar with Mini-Nubians, they are a cross between Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians. They are much smaller than a full-sized Nubian but produce milk that is tastier since they are a certain percentage Nigerian Dwarf.


Around the farm:

On our farm, we have five does and three sires. Our goats love to browse in the forest and are extremely friendly. We also have chickens, two Great Pyrenees, a Border Collie and a Blue and Gold Macaw (hence the name- Blue-Winged Farm).